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The CryptoETS are a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFT that live on the blockchain of the Ethereum network. Each CryptoETS is unique but some are rarer than others.

CryptoETS reappear again in our lives to bring us out of the abyss of monotony of the world we live in.

By adopting a CryptoETS you have 100% of the creative and commerical rights.
Join our adventure!

CryptoETS reveal will take place 72 hours after the opening of the sale or when we reach 100%!



We plan to execute our roadmap in a phased approach. This will help us protect the value of CryptoETS, while also building a great community along the way. 

Any and all information regarding development will be posted here. We will do our best to update each phase of the project as things develop. Any major updates or changes to this plan will be approved by a community vote.

Phase 1 – Concept & Branding

Develop CryptoETS NFT project concept

Register CryptoETSnft.com domain
Claim @CryptoETS_NFT Twitter
Setup CryptoETS wallet

Phase 2 – Build Team & Community

Launch public roadmap

Engage with NFT advisor

Engage artist to begin artwork

Hire smart contract developer 

Setup Discord 

Launch community

Phase 3 – NFT Infrastructure

Begin building CryptoETSwebsite 

Compile CryptoETS smart contracts 

Release CryptoETS sneak peaks

Submit CryptoETS to Nifty Drops

Increase outbound marketing

Phase 4 – Pre-Release & Public Mint

Dev testing & contract verification

Deploy CryptoETS smart contract

Test smart contract & website
Listed Nextdrop

Listed upcomingnft

Create Opensea profile

Begin whitelist events in Discord

Announce Release in RArity Tools

Crypto influential youtuber promo video.
Pre-sell to whitelist members.

CryptoETS public minting!!

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The first thing we will do is to perform the Airdrop we promised to the most active members of the community who have the rank AirdropETS. We will add one more moderator in Discord to be at the service of the community. We will deliver the raffled CryptoETS before the launch.
We will contact RarityTools to create the Rarity Rank.

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We will launch 2 Airdrops, one of 5ETH and one of 2ETH to 2 lucky people from our community. We will hire a ThreeJS front-end developer. To change the web1.0 to 2.0. to add new sections.

We will contact Opensea to verify the account.

0 %

Among all members of the community, it will be decided which charity dedicated to REFORESTATION will receive

$40,000 to take care of our planet and fight against climate change. On behalf of the CryptoETS community !!!

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We will allocate 10ETH that will go to a wallet that will be of the community to subsidize future projects that the community values. (Additional art, memes, etc) with this we will give an added value to our nice CryptoETS so they can reach the moon. We will open the Merchandising section in our website, where you will find all kind of personalized CryptoETS items. We will give Merchandising to the CryptoETS that have a specific trait (still to be revealed). We will sound out the prices of the land in Sandbox. If we find something interesting we will communicate it to the community to take the decision to acquire it or not.


0 %

At this moment if we don’t have the land in Sandbox we will buy a minimum land of 9 x 9 plots. And we will hire 2 designers to start building ETSLand. We will ask the community what they would like to exist in ETSLand and start building it. We will create POAP events, parties, games and whatever the community decides by joint vote. On the other hand, the cryptoETS royalty will be 5%. We will allocate 50% of the royalty to Sandbox acquisitions and maintenance, for events, land acquisitions, contests and so on to ensure the longevity of CryptoETS by always building new things for the community. 25% of the royalty will go to the community. All those who do not sell their CryptoETS will receive monthly passive income. And 25% to buy CryptoETS from the community and disintegrate them. This way we will create scarcity and make sure that the minimum price will be increasing.

0 %

To celebrate CryptoETS conquering the moon at Sandbox we will create a party in ETSLand where we will all gather and the winner of the Tesla model 3 grand prize will be announced! Each CryptoETS counts as an entry for the tesla3 grand prize draw! In addition, we will give away 3 more prizes (yet to be decided) Join our adventure and let’s take CryptoETS to the metaverse, where we will create the unimaginable!


What is CryptoETS?

CryptoETS are a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFT that live on the blockchain of the Ethereum network. Each CryptoETS is unique but some are rarer than others.

There are super rare CryptoETS?

Yes, there are 10 Super rare CryptoETS that will surprise you!

When will minting begin?

Launch Nov 20th at 12:00 p.m EST. Minting will only be made from our website on the date and time indicated. CryptoETS price will be 0.06ETH + GAS. You can mint up to 20 CryptoETS per tx. The day has finally come for CryptoETS to keep us company. This time he has not come alone!. (IMPORTANT: YOU CAN ONLY MINT FROM PC.)

What will be the price of the minted?

The price will be 0.06ETH + Gas

How many CryptoETS can I minted per transaction?

You can minted from 1 to 20 per transaction. As many times as you want.

When will presale?

We will make a pre-sale to the members of the white list, the conditions to be added to the white list have not yet been decided.

What is the future of CryptoETS?

We have a lot in the works for CryptoETS, the most important thing is to strengthen a good and fun community, for us it is the most important thing, but we also want to launch games, Airdrops, IRL events, contests, tokens, CryptoPETS. and many more things that the community can think of. With the help of the community everything is possible, together we hope that CryptoETS reaches the MOON!

Where does CryptoETS donate to?

When we reach 50%. Between all the members of the community, $40,000 will be given to a charity dedicated to REFORESTATION in order to take care of our planet and fight against climate change.

What benefits do I get from joining this community?

The advantages of belonging to CryptoETS are many, with the help of the community we will build ETSLand in the Metaverse Sandbox where we will make NFT and ETH raffles, games to win, events, parties and many more things that we are thinking as our community grows and we get your ideas.

Do you have any other questions?

You can email us at info@cryptoetsnft.com or join Discord and write to one of our founders @FOUNDERS on Discord and they will answer your question.



Passionate about Cryptos and NFTs, he has put on his courage and with his colleagues Vitaliy and Angie have created CryptoETS.



A professional designer and NFT lover, brought CryptoETS to life with her tablet, enjoying the project like a little girl.




An expert in programming and blockchain, Vitaliy worked hard to program and write the contract that would bring CryptoETS to life.